YouTube Creator

    1 Million Subscribers

    600 Videos

    220 Million Views

  • What I Do

    Since my early teens I had dreamed of becoming a successful YouTube Creator. Now that dream is a reality I couldn't be happier!


    Every day I produce all sorts of videos for people to enjoy. From video games such as Roblox, Minecraft and The Sims to other content like Challenges, Vlogs and Unboxings.


    With such a young audience my channel is family friendly with no explicit content.

  • youtube

    Here is a vignette of the content types on my YouTube Channel.

    Gameplay Commentary


    This is the type of content you'll most likely find on the channel

    Most Popular


    This is the most popular video on my channel with an amazing 4,000,000+ views


    How Alex met Galaxy

    Professional animations and other commissioned content can be found on the channel

    Sponsored Content


    As a brand friendly channel I have worked with a handful of companies to create sponsored content tailored to their specific requirements

    Live Streams

    1,000,000 Subscriber celebration

    With the ability to interact with fans I broadcast live occasionally

    Other Content

    What's in the box challenge

    Collaborations and challenges are a popular feature on the channel

  • Music

    Currently in production are several professionally produced original songs and accompanying music videos.

    More information to come soon.